Win Your Way into the togel Singapore Grand Freeroll Final

If you are a long time casino user, chances are you’re a fan of slots and table games like Blackjack. But how about poker? Poker is extremely popular because it pits you against other players rather than against the house. This means that skill becomes a large factor of the game and you, therefore, have the potential to win much more money. Because as fun as they are, there’s only so much money to be made playing Undersea Treasure Slots.

Many new poker players like to play online because it’s easily accessible and possible to play for smaller stakes. If you decide to do this, you will need a way to deposit money into your online account. You also need a way to access your profit. One option is togel Singapore , an e-wallet that allows you to transfer money to and from your bank account.

You may or may not know that Moneybookers is in the process of becoming Skrill. They have been slowly making the transition to Skrill for quite some time now, and they plan to have made the full transition by sometime in 2012.

Skrill has partnered with PokerStars to become the official payment processor of the European Poker Tour. As a way to celebrate, PokerStars is hosting the €10,000 Skrill Grand Freeroll Final. This freeroll will take place at the EPT Grand Final, and it will consist of just ten players. To win your way in, you must win a Skrill Grand Final Freeroll qualifier.

The only way to get a ticket for a Skrill Grand Final Freeroll qualifier is by depositing into your PokerStars account using Skrill. If you are registering for a new account, be sure to click one of our PokerStars links and use the PokerStars bonus code “STARS600″ to get an exclusive deposit bonus.

Each freeroll qualifier has an added cash prize pool. For example, the next Skrill Grand Final Freeroll qualifier is scheduled for October 23rd and will have €500 added. This is in addition to the prize pool that will be generated from an hour of €1 rebuys. Rebuys are unlimited.

Groupe Bernard Tapie and the DOJ Agree to Terms for Potential US Full Tilt Payout

For weeks, Groupe Bernard Tapie and the U.S. Department of Justice have been in discussions about the money seized from payment processors that were destined to the hands of former Full Tilt Poker players. There has finally been word that GBT and the DOJ have struck a deal that includes the DOJ paying American players the money that is rightfully theirs.

This news allows GBT to continue with its potential purchase of Full Tilt Poker. Pending on the agreement of Full Tilt Poker’s shareholders, GBT will be fully responsible for the repayment of Full Tilt’s debt to non-American players. A two-thirds ownership interest must vote to approve this pending deal. Groupe Bernard Tapie will propose its deal to buy FTP after final details are worked out with the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

The following email from Ray Bitar was sent out earlier today to multiple shareholders of Tiltware:

Dear members,

I am pleased to announce that today the Department of Justice and Groupe Bernard Tapie have reached an agreement in principle regarding the acquisition of the companies comprising FullTiltPoker. My understanding is the deal provides that in exchange for an agreed upon payment by GBT, and a GBT commitment to assume responsibility for payment of ROW players, DoJ will reimburse US players and settle the outstanding civil litigation with the companies comprising FTP. Beyond these conditions, issues like the time frame and process for repayment of players remain unclear at this point and time.

With DoJ’s consent now in hand, GBT may now proceed to finalize an agreement to acquire the companies or assets that comprise FTP. That agreement will very likely address the status of your shares or interests in the successor company. When I receive that agreement, I will coordinate with our attorneys to ensure the terms of that proposed agreement will be shared with the membership and voted on.


This continues a huge week for the American online poker community. Blanca Gaming, owners of the Cereus Network (the other large poker network that has failed to pay its debt to American players), is considering selling its assets to repay its debt to American players. Hopefully this news will push Blanca Gaming to repay their players faster. Additionally, MGM Mirage, Boyd Gaming, and Party.Bwin have teamed up to provide players with an online poker room should it become legal in the United States.


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