Official Rules of Two Up

Judi Bola
  1. Play of the Game


6.1 The spinner shall select two of the coins offered by the boxer and place them on the kip. One of the coins shall be so placed with the head side uppermost and the other with the tail side uppermost and shall be in that position at the time of the spin.


6.2 A dealer or the boxer shall call “place your bets” as an advice to players to make their wagers.


6.3 On the call by the boxer of “no more bets, come in spinner”, the spinner shall spin the coins.


6.4 When the spinner loses his/her spinner’s wager, he/she shall retire as spinner.


6.5 Where for the first three spins of a game, the spinner has thrown three consecutive invalid spins, the spinner shall elect to retire as spinner or have the boxer or a dealer spin to continue the game until the spinner’s wager is determined. In such circumstances, players may elect to withdraw or alter their wagers.


6.6 Where the spinner:


6.6.1 spins a series of odds fewer than five; or


6.6.2 having elected to spin for heads, spins a Judi Bola series of heads fewer than three; or


6.6.3 having elected to spin for tails, spins a series of tails fewer than three; and then fails to continue spinning or declines further spins or, through an inability to spin the coins, spins three consecutive invalid spins, the boxer or a dealer shall spin the coins until the spinner’s wager is determined.


6.7 Where the boxer considers that the spinner:


6.7.1 has repeatedly made invalid spins; or


6.7.2 is unreasonably delaying the game or has acted in a disorderly or abusive manner; or


6.7.3 has contravened these rules, the boxer may direct the spinner to return the coins and further exclude that spinner from re-entering the ring prior to the close of play.


6.8 Where the spinner has made at least one valid spin in the current game and his/her wager is still to be determined when the boxer makes a direction pursuant to rule 6.7, then a dealer shall spin the coins in his/her stead until the spinner’s wager is determined. In such circumstances, players may not amend or withdraw their wagers.


6.9 Following the spin the boxer shall announce the result after which, subject to the provisions of rule 4.1, the dealer(s) shall collect all losing wagers and pay all winning wagers.


6.10 The uppermost faces of the coins that have come to rest from a valid spin shall determine the result.




  1. Validity of Spins


7.1 The boxer or a game supervisor may declare a spin invalid if either of them consider that:


7.1.1 the spinner has not spun the coins; or


7.1.2 the coins have not been spun to a reasonable height above the head of the spinner.


7.2 If the boxer or a game supervisor considers a spin invalid under rule 7.1, the call of “no spin” must be made where possible before the coins come to rest.

7.3 The boxer shall declare a spin invalid by calling “no spin” or “barred” if:


7.3.1 either or both of the coins land outside the ring or come to rest outside the ring; or


7.3.2 either or both of the coins hit anything, except each other or the sides of the ring below the layout surface; or


7.3.3 the spinner is not completely inside the area of the ring when spinning; or


7.3.4 either or both of the coins do not lie flat in the ring.


7.4 In the event of a coin(s) being thrown out of the ring the following procedures shall be followed:


7.4.1 the boxer shall immediately call a “no spin” or “barred”;


7.4.2 an immediate effort shall be made to retrieve the coin(s);


7.4.3 the remaining coins shall be offered to the spinner to select new coins, however, the spinner may request the original coin(s) back again;


7.4.4 if the missing coin(s) is found it shall be carefully checked by the boxer; and


7.4.5 in the event that more than one coin(s) is lost a new set of coins shall be taken to the ring and the remaining coins of the set previously in use shall be removed from the game. To avoid any delay in the game, the spinner at the time of the coin(s) becoming lost, may be allowed to continue with the remaining coins of the original set.


7.5 A player, whether acting as spinner or not, shall not be entitled to declare a spin invalid.


7.6 Where a decision has been made in accordance with the provisions of rule 7, once the boxer or a game supervisor has announced “no spin” or “barred”, it shall be an invalid spin regardless of whether or not the coins come to rest.




  1. Settlement


8.1 Winning wagers at the game of Two-Up shall be paid at the odds listed below:


Wager Odds

Spinners wager 7.5 to 1

Heads 1 to 1

Tails 1 to 1



  1. General Provisions


9.1 A person shall not, either alone or in concert with any other person, use or control at or near a gaming table or location related to the playing of a game a calculator, computer, or other electronic, electrical or mechanical apparatus or device that is capable, with respect to a game or a part thereof, of recording, projecting, analyzing or transmitting an outcome or the changing probabilities or the playing strategies to be used.


9.2 Rule 9.1 shall not apply to use or control by an agent or employee of the casino operator or an inspector where such person is acting in the course of their duty.


9.3 Where a casino supervisor is satisfied that a person has contravened any provision of rule 9.1, he/she may:


9.3.1 declare that any wager made by the person is void;


9.3.2 direct that the person shall be excluded from further participation in the game;


9.3.3 exclude the person from the casino in line with the provisions of section 79 of the Act;


9.3.4 cause the person(s) in possession of a prohibited device to be detained until such time as an inspector or a police officer has attended and assumed responsibility for the situation.


9.4 A casino supervisor may invalidate the outcome of a game if:


9.4.1 the game is disrupted by civil commotion, fire, riot, brawl, robbery, an act of God; or


9.4.2 any fraudulent act is perpetrated by any person that, in the opinion of the casino supervisor, affects the outcome of the game.


9.5 Where the outcome of a game is invalidated under rule 9.4, all wagers made by the players for that particular result may be refunded provided that a casino supervisor may direct that the wager of any player referred to in rule 9.4.2 be forfeited.


9.6 A player shall not be advised by an employee of the casino on how to play, except to ensure compliance with these rules.


9.7 No spectator or any player wagering at any table may, unless requested by a player, attempt to influence, influence or offer advice to that player regarding that player’s decisions of play.


9.8 A casino supervisor may close a gaming table at which players are present provided a sign showing the proposed time of closure has been isplayed at the table for at least 20 minutes before the closure.


9.9 A player who abstains from placing any wagers for three consecutive rounds of play, while all other seats or positions at the table are in use, may be required to vacate his/her seat or position.


9.10 Players and spectators are not permitted to have side bets with or against each other.


9.11 Any dispute or complaint concerning a casino game shall be referred for decision in the first instance to a game supervisor, subject to a review (if requested) by a casino supervisor. The decision of the casino supervisor shall be final, subject to rule 9.12.


9.12 Complainants in all unresolved disputes shall be advised of the presence of, and their right to consult, an inspector. Where a complainant requests review of the decision by an inspector, the inspector shall investigate the complaint in accordance with section 110 of the Act.


9.13 A copy of these rules shall be made available for inspection upon request.


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