Needs to solve the Socialverse app facespam issue.

Socialverse app

Funny that the screenshot is a house – when that it the LAST THING you should think of rezzing here: personal space.

This might be ok for RL business use only, if you can convince an employer not to lol at you and show you the door for treating a “video game” like it was ‘srs bsns’…

I’d rather come to work in a fursuit… or in bondage leather straps…

– which is what using this would amount to.

Even if you use it for ‘education’ and non-game purposes… you’re dreaming if you expect ‘regular folks’ to see you as any different from this guy:

So linking this to the RL identity… not good.

Look at how violently (and I mean the word violent) World of Warcraft users reacted when Blizzard threatened to start posting their real names.

Ask yourself why? I mean, everyone knows that’s a harmless video game. No furries, BDSM, ageplay, zindra, or any of that there. So why did the users care so much?

Because people still face a stigma for being attached to a virtual world – or for taking the friends they meet there seriously.

Tell someone “my best friend lives in [country X], we’ve never physically met, but we’re best mates and hang out all the time” and you might as well have just chased them down the block in a bondage fursuit wielding a whip and a fuzzy stuffed carrot…

Tell em you do ‘virtual art’ and they’ll ask you if they can take a copy home… and then look at you as they slowly back away when you say its all on computers only…

Tell you do online education and they’ll ask if you’ve ever taught in a ‘real class’, you know – one that actually teaches ‘real stuff’…

Put that on your resume.

We on the inside know this is not that. That this bias is ignorance (at best).

But the ‘folks on the street’ think we’re freaks… They think those MMO folks are freaks, and we’re in an even worse camp than they are. At least they are halfway into the mainstream.

I think the price point for the big Socialverse app islands is a little high to attract many. I know it’s five times as big, however the object and triangle count are not to this ratio. Also it’s still $100 which is a lot of cash for a video game even if you’re a content creator. Would be nice to see a midway point between the two sizes also. Purchasing an island is a doddle and you can rename it straight away. Big-up to cloud party for making this possible, I’ve got to say it’s awesome and has a lot of potential for interesting content and people telling their own stories. As far as content creation goes it really does offer a lot of advantages if you’ve embraced mesh in SL. I’m enjoying the fact that you can monitor your triangle counts as you build in your app, instead of using prim equivalents. Also no need to model subsequent LOD meshes and physics cages, so this removes a substantial amount of the creation process.

Not sure why Linden Lab thought they would be able to charge 300 dollars per month for server space forever. Guess they really should get with the times and figure out how to bring their costs down so sim prices can drop as well.

Part of that will mean they will need to end the whole estate baron business that is a factor in keeping prices high for the average customer because of the inevitable and unnecessary mark-up in price and bemoaning whenever a special is offered on sims. Maybe it is time to lay off 100 more Lindens and, this time, pass the savings on to everyone and not just the top tier payers that only pocket the savings without passing them along.

Cloud Party seems to be doing things right. Now all they have to do is allow people to sign up without Facebook.

Normally I dismiss most of the privacy concerns people raise with Facebook, but I’m with PussyCat 100 percent on this one. VW’s that want to build a 3D asset marketplace like Cloud Party and SL need to attract mature and professional 3D hobbyists, not only the type of people who play Zynga games every day. Farmville is a ridiculous and quite possibly the lowest comparison one could make when we consider the type of community I think most of us would like to build. I can remember the day I deleted all my games from Facebook. I never went back. Everything I do on FB has professional repercussions, more than LinkedIn or any other platform. No amount of privacy options will ever lessen that anxiety. As comfortable and excited as I am by CloudParty, I’m staying away for now.


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