Illustrated Judi Bola Casino – Review

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New – sharp – and just in time for Christmas – the Illustrated Casino, as in Sports Illustrated, is a new Microgaming software casino which features all the games you love to play, as well as the Net’s best progressive slots and video poker machines.

This new casino is sister to the Captain Cook’s Casino, our first Site of the Month in March 2000, and still one of our favorites as it features the Net’s only $100,000 bonus, where if you should hit a progressive payout of 100,000 or more at Captain Cook’s they will add an additional 100 grand to the payout!

Illustrated Casino features a sporting design, integrated with the now-familiar and popular Microgaming software engine which is easy to use and secure. All ecash transactions are handled by Firecash, the Net’s largest gambling ecash processor.

Just like Captain Cook’s, Illustrated has a $40 bonus for first-time depositors, again one of the best on the Net. No other casinos give you so much for an initial deposit of $20 – that works out to a 200% bonus.

Overall game play is smooth and typical of most Judi Bola Microgaming casinos, although during the initial launch period it got a bit bogged down as many other start-up casinos have in their first few days. Support is expected to be of the same high standard as Captain Cook’s but at this stage also seems to be a bit bogged down. Nevertheless, any place which can give you an email response within 10 minutes must rate highly – again, no other casinos make and deliver on this promise.

Amongst the games I tried at this casino were blackjack, which has fallen from my favorites because of a recent bad streak but still is one of the better games in a Microgaming casino, video poker (Jacks or Better), and the progressive slots (CashSplash, LotsaLoot, Fruit Fiesta and WOWPot) and progressive video poker (Supajax). All of them played fast and smooth as I expected – and although I lost a bit in the end the games definitely played fairly.

I also didn’t get a chance to try the cash-out facilities as I didn’t win any money, but as of this writing I would assume the credit card will be credited back up to the amount deposited as is the norm with other Microgaming casinos, and I hope next time I will get a chance to cash out some winnings! In any case, the Cashcheck and Playcheck common to all Microgaming casinos is always available – these are very comforting facilities to have as a gambler. Perhaps some of you will have better luck…

There is something different about depositing money, though – Illustrated can take deposits by Paypal as well! And if that doesn’t work for you, you can do a Western Union and receive a 10% bonus on up to $500 deposited, or a wire transfer with a 5% bonus. Now that’s different!

Bearing in mind that this casino just opened, we were prepared for the few hiccups we encountered – but even then there were less of them than at most of the other casinos in their first few weeks, and we are confident that once the initial period passes Illustrated Casino will take its place alongside its sister Captain Cook’s as one of the best casinos on the Net.



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